Our Team

Lisa Kurtz Keylon, Esq.


I try to balance my practice with my family life, which includes my husband, Jim, and two sons, Luke and Sam. My 83 year old mother lives with me part of the year too. I am deeply committed to voluntarism and work with the Cub Scouts, in my sons' school, at Valley Presbyterian Church and have recently served on the Board of Directors for The Junior League of Phoenix, Inc., and on the Executive Council for the Elder Law and Mental Health Law Section for the State Bar of Arizona.
I love people. I love to help. I hope I can be of some service to you.

James C. Keylon, M.Ed., ABD

Family dynamics have been part of the businesses that I have served. They have been key to business succession planning for many businesses with which I have worked. Effective communication is effective communication, whether in a company or a family. Yet, family dynamics are clearly an integral part of aging, dying and transferring wealth. Having expert assistance to improve how family members work together can streamline your affairs and maintain a sense of family harmony.

These professionals are not employees of Lisa Kurtz Keylon, PLC. Rather, they speak at seminars with Lisa Keylon, Esq.. Each of them offer services that you may find useful as you encounter needs with your family or fiduciaries. Lisa has multiple sources to whom she can refer you.